To me, life is equally tough for both FTWM and SAHM. We need to fulfill our duty as mum regardless we are working or we stay at home. But there is one significant difference I would say, that is full-time mum has more freedom.

As a full time mum, we have our freedom. However, that doesn’t mean we can sleep till 12 noon then we start our day. I wake up every day at 8.30am when Yvette is already fully awake. I did not have any nap in between and only sleep at 1 am after catching up some “me-time”.  But I can determine what I want to do, where I want to go at any timing.

Although, Hubby had completed his course last Friday, but he still need to finish up his project and preparation of his exam which is 2-3 weeks away from now. So he still needs to be away in the evening while I can skip cooking dinner if he is out for his studies.

So today we (I and Yvette) were out to meet some mummies and babies (even the child is already a toddler, I still refer them as baby.) from IDO baby.

Everything got started from this thread. (Clean and easy) Nothing needs to be arranged. Just post a reply on this thread and turn up for the meet up accordingly.

We were late. Yvette naps at 11 am which is not her usual nap-time. She only woke up at 1 plus in the afternoon. After struggling to feed her, I gave up and packed her lunch and headed Vivo for the meet up.  It was rather easy to find where were the mummies despite I never meet them before. It was easy because, in the café, there were plenty of strollers and many babies crowded around a long table.

Initially I wasn’t talking much to them as I have to feed Yvette first after I have sat down. Things got better when Yvette was settled down and subsequently got cranky. I have to stand up and walk. Walking gave me a chance to mingle with mummies sitting right in front of the desk.  Plenty of baby girls; some baby boys. There was one mum, with 4 boys. Woot! I wonder how she is coping. Really super mummy to me!

I spent my entire afternoon and my evening there. The only regret I have is; I should have brought along my stroller. :S



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