Accident is E-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e

Today, we were involved in two accidents, to be exact, it’s hubby who had “witnessed” both accidents.


First accident happened in the noon. We were heading home after our breakfast at TYP Lor 1 market. (Actually we went to see the showroom of The Peak and Philip sales at their factory after breakfast.) A loud bang was heard and then hubby saw apple rolling down the road. It was a car who had knocked down an old man riding a bicycle. The driver, who was a responsible one, came out of this car and helped the old man up together with my hubby. The old man as far as we can see, he only suffered a minor bruise on his elbow. But he was so angry with the driver that knocked him down. (Who won’t be angry if this would to happen to you?) Anyway we went off after we were sure that the man was well and was negotiating his damage with the driver.


In my opinion, I still think it is still not safe to ride bicycle along the road or on the pedestrian pathway. Singapore, unlike China, we have very small road, and has too many cars. Singaporean is always on the “rush” when come to driving. Traffic rules are often being forgotten when we are in the hurry, no?

Cyclist in general in Singapore, I feel, they always want to have their way. They will think the cars; the pedestrians would give them the way. Sometimes I feel unsafe when I am walking on the pathway carrying my baby or pushing my stroller. Some cyclists only “alert” me when they are barely 2-3m away. Don’t you think, this give me a very little time to react at times? (Some pathway is very narrow.)

If everyone thinks that is their way, then how?

Second accident happened in the evening. We were at J8. Again a loud bang was heard. This time, hubby saw a man knocked against the glass door.  Hubby was wondering why this happened. Could it due to his blur-ness, can’t see the glass door? Or he had depended on others to push the door for him?

I wonder as well.

He must be feeling very painful. But in my heart I am thinking it could be serving him right. *EVIL*

As a SAHM, there were lots of situations I need to push open the door myself with a stroller. Sometimes, I even need to push the stroller, carry Yvette and open the door myself. I never depend on other people to do it for me. And of course, there are nice people around to help and the “bad” one around to take advantage of your “service”. The “bad” one will cut my way, or my hubby way when we open the door for our partner (while we manage the baby and the stroller) without a THANKS!

And I hate that!


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