A bowl of porridge (Her routine and feeding schedule)

Her fav porridge, Threadfin with Peas

Her fav porridge, Threadfin with Peas

Have anyone wonder where will this bowl of porridge be if Yvette refuse to eat them?


I am sure you will get the right answer for the question above.

Yes it will either end up in my stomach or in the bin and sadly most of the time it has ended up in the bin. (Today it has ended up in my stomach.)

It’s quite a battle for me to feed Yvette initially. In the past, I got angry and frustrated when Yvette refused to eat her solid. I am also very sad too. I keep refine my cooking methods to suit her need but still, she is still not eating a lot.

However, I never force-feed her. (No cane, no scolding) But the feeding session is usually longer than expected (in the past.) I will patiently sit down there and keep coaxing Yvette to eat her meal. But now, I no longer do this. Her meal session is usually 45 mins. A time out for her if she is not eating much within the time allocated or she keeps shaking her head to tell me she had enough.  No forcing because I WANT her to look forward for her next meal.

Of course, she did finish the food I gave her from time to time. When she is being served with her favorite soup, porridge, or dish, she will happily finish them for me. Since she is not sitting on the high chair for her lunch and dinner, if her mood is good, she will stand at the coffee table to let me feed her. If not she will be just go circle at the compound area where all the toys are kept.

I am not fussy/strict over how Yvette finishes her food as long as she is eating. (How can I be asking more? I don’t want every meal to turn out to be a nightmare for us.) Things to accompany her during her meal time are still toys not TV.  And usually her meal is settled in the living hall. Sometimes she will eat with us at the dining area. But she will be sitting on the floor. (She really hates sitting on the highchair during lunch and dinner and I really don’t know why.)

Anyway, since most of the time, she is not eating much. She has a lot of small meals instead or I will say it is snack time for her. (Now I manage myself better over her eating habit.)

Her usual routine and (est.) feeding schedule as follows:

0730-0800: Breastfeeding
0800-0900: Back to lala land (sleep)
0900-1000: Bathing and Breakfast; Cereal and half slice of cheese.  (Most of the time, she can finish her cereal. Sometime if she is greedy, she wants my bread too.)
1000-1200: Play time (If she wakes up too early, she properly will nap around 11 plus and her lunch will be pushed backward accordingly.) (But she is dropping this nap most of the time.)
1200-1330: Lunch (Usually she never finish.)
1330-1530/1600: Breastfeeding before her Nap
1600-1800: Playtime/Enrichment lesson (I will give Yvette fruit/yogurt/biscuit as snack. And breast milk will be given to her too.)
1800-1930: Dinner (Usually she never finish.)
1930-2000: Rest/Playtime/Hug hug time
2000-2030: Bathing
2030-2100: Fruit/Relax time (lying on our king size bed, “tossing”! Haha)
2200-2230: Breastfeeding and bedtime. (Usually if she stirs in the middle of the night, I give breast milk too.)

Something went very wrong today.

She is not eating well at all. She cried over breakfast (never finished), lunch never finished and dinner totally skipped. She lost her appetite today. She had irregular bowel movement too. She pooped 4x today. Poor ger, she cried when she pooped during the third and fourth “session”.

Could teething the explanation? Honestly I have no clue at all.

The only blessing I have today is, my niece made a trip to my place after her class to set up this tent for Yvette.

Her new "hideout"!

Her new "hideout"!


2 thoughts on “A bowl of porridge (Her routine and feeding schedule)

    • Yes she is now better. Thanks. I have done nothing and she is ok the next day. And seriously, I still dunno why. :S

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