I think I will never understand my mum

My mum is a beautiful mum to me.

She takes good care of us even till now. She will buy food for Yvette on Sunday (to let me bring home) when I visit her weekly. She will also prepare some extra food for me to bring home so that my (Monday) lunch  will be taken care of.

But she never listen to me. 😦

Everytime she comes to my house, for sure, once, I will need to “scold” her.

Today, I was so angry at her that she helped to me keep my clothes. Wah… your mum so nice, help you to bring in the clothes, and  you still scold her. How ungrateful you are!

Am I ungrateful?

Reasons of not letting her to help me to do any housework because:

  1. I know she had a hard time at home. I want her to relax and dont need to worry and do anything for me when she is here at my place.
  2. I stay at 29th floor. Those clothes on the bamboo are so heavy for my mum. She is only 152cm. I am 168cm. Imagine she got to lift up the bamboo and keep my clothes. Isn’t that is too dangerous for her height?

Haiz, this is my mum.  Even I have told her many many times, not to do any chores for me BUT she will never listen to me. I think I will never understand her. 😦


One thought on “I think I will never understand my mum

  1. After I switched off my notebook last night, before I off to my lala land, I was thinking, will Yvette feel she can never understand me in the future? :S

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