An imperfect hair cut but with all of my love

Remember a few days ago I blog-ed about I brought this and with this I plan to cut her hair on Wed or Fri where my niece, sis and mom will be coming. Hubby will get his 9-80 day off.


I cut her hair today.

I placed some newspaper and a piece of form mat on top of the paper at our corridor. I let Yvette sat onto it while my sister entertained her with some toys. Honestly to me, it was not easy to cut hair for our own child. (Some mums do it with a breeze.) I was really afraid any cut might hurt her. As such, I really did it with GREAT caution.

I got ready a plastic bag. Cut them like a piece of T-Shirt shape and covered over her body. But she really hates that. She kept trying to pull them out. In the end, I compromised. I don’t want to end up her crying. And so, I got to be more careful in handling her hair.

The "Plastic T-Shirt"

The "Plastic T-Shirt"

While I am preparing the cut (haha, like a big project.), FIL (father-in-law) got worried and asked me not to cut for Yvette. Luckily BIL (brother-in-law) was around to assure him, Yvette will be fine. (Yes she is ok!)

The hair cut session finally got started after I got ready everything, including my CAMERA (was searching high and low for it.) My sister had to entertain Yvette with the toys while me performing the cut.  Fortunately, the scissor I brought was so easy to cut. This has definitely made the whole process faster. My sister did help me with the cut too. I was so worried and scared to cut her hair around the ear area.

The hair cut ceremony was finally done within 10 mins. Yvette had an imperfect cut but I did it with all my LOVE!

Before the cut

Before the cut

Her hair

Her hair

After the cut

After the cut


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