A Get-Away in Singapore @ Sentosa

I planned this get-away a couple months back while I am preparing Yvette’s First Birthday Party. Since we are not celebrating her BIG birthday party on the actual day, I want to spend her BIRTH day with my hubby. (Of course, without mid-wives and gynae.) 😛


Before we check-in, I gotten a call from Costa Sand Sentosa telling me my new room number (asked me to ignore the sms sent) at home. He also highlighted to me the room I have booked has no basic amenities. So I got to upgrade my Kampung hut to the superior room at S$150 per night!

In their website, it stated the a renovation is done in 2002, the superior rooms complete with fully parquet floors, full or half length windows but the room was really poorly maintain. The bed is not comfortable at all. I check the rate of Siloso Beach Resort, we just need to top up another 100 over bucks, and we will have something much better!

Well since we have already made some payment for the kampung hut, we have to bite the bullet. In short, Costa Sand Sentosa was disappointing!



Since we don’t drive, we travelled there by taxi. Unfortunately, it was raining when we left home. The taxi driver wasn’t familiar with the road. (And Sentosa is having a major make over now, getting ready for our IR.) He left us in a place that we were also had no idea how to get to the resort. Luckily, there was a family who is kind enough to help us. If not we will be stranded in the rain before we can find further help.

The unpleasant and Our Predicament

  • I and hubby fought over getting there and back home.
  • We were not allowed to check in till 2.30 pm. As Yvette is attending class on Tues, I have to rush them to allow us to check in earlier.
  • Hubby need to attend a presentation on Wed for his studies. He was afraid of not able to get the transport back to the resort. Phew! He managed to come back due to class ended early.

Our Itinerary

Day one (12.05.09)

We left home and took a taxi to Sentosa. We had a hard time looking where Costa Sand Sentosa is. While waiting to check in, I fed Yvette with porridge I prepared in the late morning.

We only got to check in around 2.15 pm. We unloaded our barang barang and took the in-house van to Beach station. We took a Sentosa Express from Beach Station to Vivo City. From there we took MRT to Novena and headed to United Square for Yvette’s class at 4pm. This is the first time Papa saw Yvette attending class. But Papa didn’t join us as he did not have a sock and was worried Yvette will search high and low for me if I left her with him.

Class ended at 5.30 pm.

We went to Novena Square for dinner immediately. We have not been eating since breakfast. I was so hungry. As for Yvette’s dinner, since she is turning one tomorrow, I relax my guard over her food and let her have a share the fish soup that I am eating. I removed the rice and the fish into another bowl and fed her. (If you do drop by Novena Square, visit the food court at third floor and try this fish soup. Not much of MSG is added and the fish is fresh.)

After dinner, we took a train to Vivo city to shop for groceries. We brought some drinks, snacks and etc. I have forgotten to bring along “a piece of  raw meat” for Yvette, thus we brought a piece of fish for her lunch and dinner. (I have brought along our slow cooker to the chalet. Woot… Can you imagine how many piece of luggage we had? :S)

We also brought a cake for Yvette too. I wanted something special, like ice-cream cake but hubby worried will melt, so we go for the conventional cake in the end. This time, a humble rectangular black forest cake.

We headed back to our chalet instead of home for the first time I never experience in Singapore. We saw this on our way back.


Day two (13.05.09)

I bathed Yvette when she got up in the morning. A lot of parents worry about what food to bring for the trip, I would say, after having 2 KL trips, I feel, the challenge is bathing my child.  (Food is always easy if you close one eye. Too much choice in the market.)

Using bath tub is too big for Yvette. She felt so insecure in the “BIG” bath tub. I bath her using the shower head, also difficult. She dislikes water getting into her eye. As such I did not bath her as often as she is out on trip with us. I don’t want this struggle spoilt our mood. (And I wonder when we will overcome this problem?)

Yvette after bath

Yvette after bath

After the bath, we took her cereal and her birthday cake and head to the beach. We wanted to find a place where we can breakfast and cut Yvette’s birthday cake. We found a Delifrance and we settled there for breakfast.

We asked for permission to cut the cake in the café. (See how Yvette was trying to touch the cake!)




Before Yvette got bored in the café, we decided to take a stroll along the beach. We let Yvette played with the sand (this is the second time she encounter the sand, first was at JGC) and the slide. I would say Yvette was having great fun.

Sand Play

Sand Play



Go (Down)!

Go (Down)!

We went back to the chalet to pick up Yvette’s lunch before we continue with our adventure in Sentosa.

Yvette fell asleep when we reached Merlion Walk. We dropped the plan to get to the top of the Merlion (Admission: Adult-S$8, Child-S$5) and Tiger Sky Tower (Admission: Adult-S$12, Child-S$8). Since she is sleeping, we took a slow walk around the Merlion.

The Merlion

The Merlion

Tiger Sky Tower

Tiger Sky Tower

The weather was so hot. I decide to move to VivoCity again to enjoy the air-con and feed Yvette when she is up for lunch. Hubby need buy something which he missed to bring along. And we had our late lunch at BK.

Hubby headed off to his presentation early due to he needs to revise his quiz on this coming Friday. After he left, I brought Yvette to the pool myself. Initially she was afraid but then she was having great fun as there are 4 Jies Jies entertaining her beside myself. She took a nap for solid 3 hours subsequently! And we missed the show, Song of the Sea that I planned to bring Yvette.

My sis brought my mum to the chalet with her boyfriend. We had dinner together.

Hubby managed to catch the transport back to the chalet as the class ended early for him. Lucky!

Day three (14.05.09)

We did nothing much today. We packed and went home early the morning due to Yvette is having her class later in the afternoon. We had lunch at VivoCity. The best part of today is the driver from the resort sent us straight to the mall instead letting us to take the public transport. How nice was he!

Go home


3 thoughts on “A Get-Away in Singapore @ Sentosa

  1. Arlow,

    it must be a great day for u .. my hubby had to work on my bb’s bday. So we end up accompanyin my son on thurs ..

    The showering part nt tht diffy, wht my hubby id was to shower with him hahahaha
    a bit ra la .. but quite manageable .. like him hving his own private swimmin pool

  2. Yes, it a great day for my family.

    hmmm… I always shower with Yvette leh.. cos most of the time, after her shower, I am all wet. :S

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