Marina Barrage

I asked Hubby, so when were we heading later to celebrate my first mother’s day.

Hubby replied, let’s go to Marina Barrage.



This is Singapore’s 15th reservoir, and the first in the heart of the city. It was officially opened to public on 1st Nov 2008.  It is a project our government works toward a totally self-sufficient in terms of its water needs for us. With these, it’s worthwhile for us to make a trip there.

Getting there is easy. There is a free shuttle bus service from Marina Bay MRT Station to Marina Barrage. (Exited at Exit B from the station, walk straight and turn right to the pick-up point of the shuttle service.) However, it is not really so easy to get to for a family with a baby. It is not easily reached due to we need to bring all the barang barang (Baby food, stroller, etc) to take the shuttle bus. And there is no taxi stand there. If you want to leave the place by taxi, you need to call for a cab. So in short, it is only accessible to a family with baby if you drive. And this is the route you could take if you are driving there:

->Take AYE exit 18 into Marina South or ECP exit 17A into Marina South

Honestly I did not foresee any difficulty to travel there by public transport with our stuffs. After doing that, it is such a tiresome. 😦


Yvette fell asleep upon reaching there. We moved on after settled Yvette on the stroller.


We were greeted by a 360 degree view of the city landscape. (Unblocked views of the central business district, Singapore Flyer, Benjamin Sheares Bridge and the South China Sea.) We slowly walked up “the curve” to enjoy the nice sights. There is a Green Roof (it has the size of 4 football fields) on top of the building where you can picnic and fly the kite. Hmmm I think it will be very hot if you decide to do a picnic there. The place is not surrounded by trees and it will be very hot if the weather is very sunny.

Marina Barrage 1

I Love this view

I Love this view

We proceed to the Sustainable Singapore Gallery on the second floor. There are six galleries; each has a story to tell. Please don’t miss visiting this place if you are here.

As time was running out for us (hubby has some other plans for my first mother day celebration), we definitely were going to miss some of the interesting places in the barrage. We did not visit the Central Courtyard, the water playground, the Marina Bridge, the Viewing pad stand, Drainage Pumps, and the Solar Park.

Marina Bridge

Marina Bridge

The Viewing pad stand

The Viewing pad stand

The water playground

The water playground

However before leaving the barrage, we found out that Yvette is having a mild fever. I suspect Yvette is having a fever as a result of teething. She really drooled a lot recently and her gum was so swollen. Her first molar should be spouted out very soon. Thus we aborted the “other plans” and decided to head home instead.

I doubt we will be back again any soon. I think I will bring Yvette back when we can do without stroller or when we get hold of a car!


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