Wooden Busy Bead Table from ELC (Early Learning Centre)

I have wanted to get the bead table for Yvette as she shown great interest in playing this when we are in the clinic and when she is at my neighbour place. Thus I take the opportunity to buy this for her as her first birthday present.

Hubby met us after his work at United Square. (Yvette was there for her class too.) We had dinner at nearby food court before we started to shop around for this toy.

Finally both of us decided to get this toy from ELC.

We chosen this over the rest we found from other shops because this toy is more creative than the rest. It is a little garden, colourful and the beads are painted as animals.

After I made payment, without checking how much I am paying for, I stepped out of the shop. (I have gotten this bad habit after I have Yvette. Sometimes I did not check how much the cashier is charging me when I am making payment. Recently I was over charged by S$1.70 on a magazine that I never brought before. When I got back to the shop for my overpayment which they agreed to check as the cashier claimed the system is able to check for such error. But they never get back to me thereafter.) Suddenly There is a voice knocked into my head asking me to check the receipt before we stepped on to the escalator.

The receipt showed S$152.


Wrong, it should be S$133. (5% discount will be given if I make payment by NETS.)

I went back the shop to seek for refund. The shop assistant checked and told me the correct price for the toy should be S$160 but they will still offer the price tag on the box to me which is S$140. They refunded S$19 in cash to me.

Well done!

Yvette enjoying herself with her new toy

Yvette enjoying herself with her new toy


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