Mee Tai Mak

As Yvette is a fussy eater and she don’t like to eat porridge all times, I have to constantly find alternative source of food for her to keep her interest in eating.

Mee Tai Mak was offered to her when she turns 9mths old. 20 cents of Mee Tak Mak can cook two meals for Yvette.

Cooking Mee Tai Mak is easy. You just need to boil them with hot water to remove the flour or salt if there is any. Then you cook the vegetable soup based. Pour in the soup and mix it with Mee Tai Mak and serve them with meat and vegetable for your baby.

Cooking this also save time. You can use the soup base for your porridge too and add some other ingredients to make it taste of the porridge different.

(Don’t have the pic of the end result cos I brought it out for Yvette’s dinner and forgotten to take pic of it)



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