How to cook soft rice?

Yvette is not someone who doesn’t love porridge. I started to give Yvette soft rice when she is 8mths old. (At 8mths, Yvette got 4 teeth le.) And I guess because of this I don’t have “chewing problem”. (Some baby doesn’t like lumpy food.) Now, Yvette chews every single food that is given to her. (Even porridge.) -.-

According to this site (Homemade baby Food Recipes),

As a general rule, though, it’s a good idea to introduce some texture into your baby’s food once he has been enjoying pureed foods for around 3 weeks – this will usually be at around 7 months of age.

Cereal and Porridge were introduced to Yvette at 5mths and 6mths old respectively. Purees were also given to her at the same time. But after eating those food for about 1 plus, Yvette started to give me sign that she don’t like her food. I started to read up from books, parenting sites, and even forum to find out why. I realised some babies like Yvette don’t like food that is too soft. So I started to change my cooking method from purees to finely chopped those vegetables and change porridge to soft rice. I also thicken her cereal as well.

How I prepare soft rice?

1.    Cook rice with half a cup of water more than the normal water you used for your rice you cook every day.

2.    Cook soup. Pour the soup with normal rice. Wait for 15mins to soften the rice. Try to introduce some adult soup to your child.

Example like
a. lotus root (I gave when Yvette is more than 10 mths old)
b. vegetable soup (carrot, onion, celery, potato, corn, etc and boil with chicken bones) (This is a good choice.)
c. raddish soup (I gave when Yvette is more than 10 mths old)
d. Peanut soup (only give when you sure your child not allergic to peanut) (To be given to baby over 1 year old.)
e. Black bean soup (I gave when Yvette is more than 10 mths old)
Salt is not added to those soups that given to baby below 1. (Used dried scallop for taste. Soak for an hour to remove salt if any.)

3.    Lastly give “Mui fan”. Use gravy from the normal dishes you cook. Eg like fish, vegetable, meat, etc. (This for older babies that can take salt in their diet.)

Probably because she is teething at the same time, chewing those food is making sense to her. She started to eat more after all these changes were made to her diet.


5 thoughts on “How to cook soft rice?

  1. Ingredients:

    1. Black bean (Usually I use alot. Around 250g per pot of soup. -.-)
    2. Carrot
    3. Red dates
    4. Pork rib & Big pork bone
    5. Dried scallop (If you do not want to and this oso fine.)(soak for an hour to remove salt if any.)

    1. Boil pork bone for half an hour. Remove those oil of the bone from the soup.
    2. Please take extra care when you are preparing the pork ribs. Don’t cook the pork ribs. Just make sure when the water is boiled and removed them from the boiling water immediately. Perhaps you may want to include this additional step; that is to wash the pork rib under running water again. (This you need to use another pot of water)
    3. Put Pork rib, black bean, red dates, carrort and dried scallop into the boil of Big Bone soup. Boil them for another 2 hrs.

    Cat this is good for you too. Black bean can 扑血。 (good for woman. I drank alot of this during my confinement.)

  2. thanks! I always wonder how cos my MIL cooks it but I don’t dare to ask her.. 🙂
    anyway, how to prevent water from drying up. my soup ends up little after cooking too long.

  3. It is about 75% full of water including the ingredients. After boiling for 2-2.5 hours, you should left with 50 to 45% of soup.

    Big bone give additional sweetness to the soup. The big bone has alot of calcuim too. Unless you are using pork rib with more bone than meat, if not big bone definitely enhance the taste of the soup.

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