East Coast Park & Parkway Parade

Time flies.

Next Sunday, we are going to celebrate Yvette’s lunar birthday. I am getting excited over this celebration. Everything is more or less prepared. I just need to book the buffet on Monday. Then just need to wait for the day to come.

Today we went to East Coast Park (ECP). Our last visit to ECP was several months ago. (When Yvette was 4mths old.) ECP is one of our favorite hideout. Before we got Yvette, we will go cycling every now and then. But now Yvette still very small, we still can’t ride bicycle with her yet.

Anyway, she fell asleep when we reached the park. The taxi driver lost his way there. -.-  LOUSY. We proceed to Parkway Parade instead.

Yvette is making good progress in walking. She is able to walk with support using the activity table. She is also able to stand without support for a few seconds. Thus hubby think it is now the best time to buy Yvette her first pair walking shoes. (In fact this should be the second pair. I brought Yvette a pair of slipper a few weeks ago.)  

Yvette's First walking slipper

Yvette's First walking slipper


Yvette's First walking shoes

Yvette's First walking shoes




We also have gotten Yvette a few pieces of new clothing from Baby Fox for the coming birthday too.



But we still haven’t got her birthday gift as planned. L Well we still got another 7 days left.

Counting down.



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