Yvette is constipated

My poor Yvette! She hasn’t been pooped for 3 days. (Today is the 4th day.) I brought her to her doctor and was given Dhactulose Syrup (A type of laxatives).

Yvette has never suffered from Diarrhoea or constipation since her birth till now. (I mean 4 days before). This is the first time I experienced it with her. And seriously, it is really tough for her. She was really cranky. She hardly eats for the past few days. Once the feeling starts, she will start to cry. L

Suffering from constipation has never crossed my mind due to the followings:

1.    She was seemed unwilling to feed and was generally unhappy. But I thought this could due to her pneumococcal injection on 15 April.

2.    She might be dehydrated. These few days, the weather is so hot. I should have given her more water, not only the normal intake she is taking daily.

3.    I am still feeding her banana, pasta, cereal, potato, cheese, yogurt, carrot etc, for the past few days. All the mentioned foods trigger constipation.

4.    Although she poops daily, but she still have record that she never poop for 2 days. Max. 3 days. And since she is not eating a lot, I am thinking she might not have anything to poop.

5.    Yvette is still very actively although she was not “well”.

6.   She is teething at the same time too. Her 8th tooth emerged.

We brought her to the clinic at 1 plus today. Fed her Dhactulose Syrup immediately after we came home. Before she off for her afternoon nap, I massage Yvette’s tummy with RU Yi YOU. The massage has to start at the belly button and then massage outwards in circles in a clockwise direction.

I shared my thought with my hubby regarding to Yvette’s suffering. Hubby told me there was sign she was trying to poop just now after the massage. But still she didn’t make it. L I felt the laxative was not that effective for Yvette and suggested to use the old wives method to help Yvette. (Perhaps I am eager.) My granny used it on us when I was a little ger. It works. Trust me. Although I don’t know what is the reason behind this method.

è  Cut a small piece of soap and insert to Yvette’s anus.

I even discussed this with Yvette’s GP; he seemed to accept to try this method.

Hubby then recalled there was one method used by his late mum. He described the method to me and I agreed. He immediately headed to the Chinese Medical Hall to get it for Yvette.

This is a small bottle of liquid. It only cost 60 cents. 花旗通便露 I have to fully insert this to Yvette’s anus.   HORRAY! FINALLY!  It works like magic. Immediately, Yvette POOP!



Although she cried, it must be painful even I had already applied some baby oil before the process is performed. I gave her some golden plum since I only gave her breast milk for her lunch. She pooped again. This time, it’s easy for her. Not much effort. I hope all the rubbish inside her stomach is fully cleared.

4 thoughts on “Yvette is constipated

  1. interesting method. will try this if ever my boy also suffers. so does the soap method work? or is it due to this chinese medicine.

    Dar also have dry stools this few days. took a bit long to finally poop. think the weather is too hot the entire week, especially the weekend!

  2. Cat,

    The soap method do work. My grandma used it on us. For this round, we used the chinese medicine on Yvette.

    Remember to apply some baby oil on yr son’s anus. Cos it is really painful when they finally poop. :S

  3. Dear Cat,

    My mum also used ur chinese medicine method. There after, she also use ur soap method.. but a bit different. She kept the chinese medicine bottle, super clean it. Then if my brother constipate again, she will put diluted soap water into the chinese medicine bottle and squeeze the diluted soap water into my brother’s anus and it works the same!

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