Rent that Toy

As Yvette is able to pull herself into standing position at around 10 mth plus, she used all sort of methods to do so without me giving her much assistance. Remember the baby yoga position. She did that position with her toys including the little Musical Activity Table that we brought several months ago.  But I find it is really too dangerous for her to do this position together with the table. The table is just too light for her weight.    


Yoga with small musical activity table

Yoga with small musical activity table

Thus I decided to rent a much bigger musical activity table for her “training”.  

After sourcing and communicating with some of the toy rental companies, I have decided to rent a Leapfrog Leapstart Musical Learning Table from Rent That Toy. 

Decision made to rent toy from this company because I like their service attitude and the “renting” system. We don’t need to pay in advance using credit card, their terms are COD. The delivery charge is waived when your order is S$35 and above. They have a program to help me to keep track of toy that I have interest in. A system to notify customer once the toy is ready to rent. They do have a “saving system”; A reward program that allows you to earn points and redeem against your next purchase.

The rental cost for this toy is S$26 per month. I top up my purchase with vTech Winnie The Pooh My First Words for S$12 per month to save the delivery cost. I don’t really like the second toy as the sound from the toy is a bit too soft.



The toy was delivered this morning. Yvette was having a great fun with the toy. She even released her hand away from the toy for second. I think this toy will be able to help her on her balancing too. (I do have a video for Yvette’s balancing herself but unfortunately I accidentally deleted the video I taken this morning.L )

Having fun

Having fun

I wonder her papa will decide to get her this toy after seeing her having great fun with it.





2 thoughts on “Rent that Toy

  1. From our experience, the Leapfrog Leapstart Musical Learning Table might slide when the child is leaning on it, even on a playmat. So what we did was to put those rubber stoppers meant for the legs of chairs/tables underneath the legs to prevent this.

    For your case, you could remove them after the rental period is up.

  2. Thanks for telling me this. (I think I read it from your entry on this before.)

    Anyway, I a bit kiasi. Usually I will hold the table when Yvette is leaning on it.

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