Another Trip to KL

We are heading to KL by budget airline in a few hours later. This time, we decided to fly with Yvette there since we have already  taken a coach ride to KL in Dec.  This is also the first time I am travelling with my bro and my future sis in law. Kinda of excited.

Perhaps you will be wondering why KL again?

Oh well…  I am going there for a mission and this mission will be disclosed in this coming Christmas.

Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Another Trip to KL

  1. now you make me curious. Okay, will wait for the news then.
    Have a nice trip!
    We don’t dare to take any overseas trip yet. Will baby be not accustomed to sleeping in foreign places?

  2. Cat,

    That all depend on baby. For travelling, Yvette is able to sleep well in foreign country.

    Like yr latest entry, Out Late, we break routine as well. We are out late and when we are home it is about 11 plus.I will still give Yvette a hot bath and does the same routine to her. With some luck, most of the times Yvette will able to sleep throughout the night but there are at times, She will wake up in the mid of the night, crying. 😦

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