Baby Sleep Training?

I remembered I was trying to train Yvette to sleep on her own (Cry or Cubble, Which sleep method works better?) a few weeks ago. She cried so fiercely and I have regretted doing that to her. Thus I have dropped that idea and switched back to the usual routine. But after since Yvette turned 10mths old, she’s no longer needs me to carry her rocking her to sleep. She actually can soothe herself to sleep. Hooray!

But the “method” she soothe herself to sleep, to me is funny.

Her usual routine will be:

I will bath her around 9 or latest 10. Then I will nurse her and place her on our bed and talk to her. Then she will turn, roll, crawl toward me and pull herself up to sitting position umpteen times. Then her engine will start to shut down with her eye closed but her action continues.

Cute and Funny. (Last pic, she finally surrender!)


Yvette's sleeping "style"

Yvette's sleeping "style"


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