Training ground

There is a passage way in my house, is now Yvette’s training ground.


Every day, she will crawl up and down this passage way to train her “crawling skill.” Seriously, I can’t deny Yvette is a very strong baby. 她真的很有力气!And she got a lot of energy too. She can crawl everywhere in the house up and down non-stop for more than 30 mins. (I already had worn out by then.)

And today, she did something really amazed me.

I am in the hall. Both of us were talking to each other in our loud voice as hubby was in the bedroom. Yvette heard his father’ voice but there is no sight of him. She followed the trail of her father voice and slowly crawled from her playmat to find her father.

On her way to my bedroom (which is the last room on the right) she looked inside each individual room (on the left and right) to ensure there is no one (her father) in the room before she moved herself on. I am surprised that she actually know how “to check” on each room before she proceed.

Pro Yvette!

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