Re-test (and just another day)

Today Yvette went back to polyclinic for her hearing re-test. (Remember she failed her hearing test on her 9th mth assessment)


She passed.

Haha I was worrying for her on our way to the clinic. I was telling hubby… Yvette sometimes bo chap… so might not able to pass. BUT she passed. Keke.

In the clinic, the nurse weighted Yvette and she had put on 100g. I think she is still considers small for a 10.5mths baby. But she is making progress. At least, there is a sign that she is eating more solid day by day.

I have refined my cooking method too.

I have incorporated stir fry of meat and veg into her meal. This is her lunch today. Broccoli, egg yolk and minced pork meat. I cooked it with sunflower oil, garlic and dried scallop.



I managed to have my pedi done. Yvette fell asleep on her stroller as expected by us. Hubby brought her to the library so that Hubby can enjoy his reading in the library and Yvette can rest well there (very quiet ma… good to sleep… got aircon some more :P).


At night, I brought Yvette to J8 to collect a ring from Goldheart. And I finally brought a pair of shoes for my lovely princess. (Been wanting to buy one for Yvette. All her shoes that she is wearing are gifts from my SIL and cousin.)



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