Safety 1st Push’n Snap Cabinet Lock

My hubby said everything is changing now.

Yes! Once babies know how to crawl, baby-proofing the house becomes essential.

We just implemented the gate to stop Yvette crawls into the kitchen a few days ago. Today we went down to get something to lock up the cabinet. Yvette is too clever for us I think. :S (Bad news) She had been “ climbing” up and down to reach out for things. But I guess these are all temporary measures and she will definitely outsmart those safety lock. Educating will be much important but well babies are too young for all these. We just got to be more careful.


My hubby had gotten this lock from Safety 1st Push’n Snap Cabinet Lock. I don’t think it is a good one but for the time being I think it is still ok for Yvette. It is a bit easy to remove if you use it as per instruction. So we turned that upside down. (This will be a bit harder to remove,) And this will also stop Yvette from pulling the lock too. 😀



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