Co-Sleeping (and toys)


Although there is some danger when baby co-sleep with the parent, but we still decide to let Yvette co-sleep with us when my confinement auntie left us.  And in the day time, Yvette who has been sleeping alone in our King size bed with pillows surrounded around her, now got to sleep at her cot after she equipped herself with new skill. It is no longer safe for her to sleep there anymore. So we moved her cot to our bedroom. And now she is sleeping on her cot, which I think is it much safer for her during the day time when I am away.


With this arrangement, I bought this new toy, Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano (Link-a-doos) for her; to entertain her. I like this toy as it plays multitudes of tunes with lights on contact for up to 10 minutes. It can be introduced upon birth if your baby is sleeping in the cot. Babies could kick and listen to the music. Why I still introduce this to her much later at 9.5mths? Cos I feel this is a very safe toy can be attached to the cot and can be used for tummy play on the floor with different settings for letter and animals. (This also suits her age now.)



Beside the paino, I also brought her a Bruin Musical Instrument Set for her. According to the set, the suitable age to play this toy is from 3. Hmmm why I still buy??? Cos I think Yvette can play with the shaker and we, me and my hubby, or cousin, can play other instruments. And all of us can play together!


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