Introducing Formula – Lesson Learnt

Yvette is rejecting her formula;  Promil again. SOB!

I felt I am a lousy mum. Sometimes I really do not know how to make Yvette drink her milk and eat her food.


If I do have another child, I will let my child have formula as night feed. I guess it will be easier for me to wean her/him off subsequently. And don’t need to train her/him using bottle too! :S


6 thoughts on “Introducing Formula – Lesson Learnt

  1. change of brand of milk powder?. I worry too but sometimes they just have no mood or no appetite to eat. I don’t think you are a lousy mom. If she’s healthy, happy, developing alright,I think it’s fine. Their growth slows as they approaches one year old. After one or two years old, even worse, as I had seen my 28months old nephew refused his dinner many times, no matter how many people scold him. His diet had to be supplemented with milk.

  2. Yes I will be switching to Enfa. By one, if she still dont like Enfa.. maybe try pediasure if not fresh milk liao. :s

    At least yr nephew still take milk.. Yvette dont even like milk.. she only like breastmilk… the dark side of breastfeeding…

  3. hi hi.

    my mummy has replied to ya comment on my blog.

    eh… I was introduced FM when I was 2 years o. no prob switching leh. I love FM. but I love nainai too.

  4. my son too prefer bm … and oni frm draft .. if in bottle, sometimes he refuse to drink .. he oni feed like 4 ox for 1 feed somemore ..

    been tryin to wean him to fm, but he just dun like the taste .. and shelf life of an opened tin fm is oni 1 mth .. so almost everytime we open a tin, most of it is dwn the drain ..

  5. Yvette only like to latch on … refuse to drink when in bottle too. We are having the same problem! :S

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