Nurturing Young Children

I have just finished reading this book, Nurturing Young Children (Editor Dr Khoo Kim Choo). I like to read and I do read a lot too (if time permit.  :D) Ever since I was pregnant, I started to read books related to pregnancy, baby care, baby proof the marriage, etc. However, due to my short memory syndrome, I am a regular contributor to NLB. (I always pay fine!  L)

 I will recommend all busy mums to read this book. A total of 116 pages. It can be easily finish in a day.  This book is written by Singaporean. It brings together the collective expertise and experience of early childhood educators, psychologist, child psychiatrist, social workers, trainers and curriculum developers. A very localized book in Singapore context.

The book informs, explains and offers guidelines to promote different aspects of children’s development.

·         Section 1 focuses on building the foundation for the child

·         Section 2 addresses the development of routine care

·         Section 3 deals with social skills

·         Section 4 looks at thinking

·         Section 5 shows that children learn easily if it is fun and the subject is made relevant to them

·         Section 6 examines some of the problem areas parents may encounter

I agree with the editor saying parents and those who work with young children may find this series of articles useful in supplementing their own core knowledge and skills in nurturing children.

Quick, grab a copy from nearest NLB!


3 thoughts on “Nurturing Young Children

  1. I love reading parenting and baby care books too. But I mostly read online for information, blogs, babycenter, forums. I’ve signed up for the reminded service though to remind me to return…haha.

    I must get this book then since you say it’s so good!

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