First Valentine Day with A New Valentine

This valentine Day I have a new valentine.


No NO… I am actually referring to my little valentine, Yvette.

Yes, we almost spent the whole day at home. Yvette is down with cough since Wednesday. Then we decided to stay at home for Yvette. She is much better in the evening, so we headed to Novena Square 2 to try out the Chicken Hot Pot. (Located in Novena Square 2, Level 4, beside NTUC)

We tried this 3 years ago in Shanghai. Till now, I and my hubby still miss it.

It’s a franchise from Hong Kong/ Shanghai that offers three basic soups based for its hot pot, chicken, prawn or beef. What we had in Shanghai is the frog leg hot pot. We ordered a large chicken hot pot to share. The strong fragrances of the spices envelopes the whole area even before the hot pot reaches our table. At $20.80 for a big pot, you can also choose to add more dishes like veg, crab roll etc to your hot pot at $1 – $3 per plate. It works just like a mini-steamboat. The soup is rich in flavor & is rather salty. Hence, you can’t really drink it as you would for steam boat and it will taste better if accompanied by rice. I must say that the chicken is quite tender and flavor enhanced by the spices.

It is too meaty to order a large pot. Maybe both of us miss it too much …. But still I think it is a good try. We added a plate of veg and a plate of mushroom. And we only paid S$28.60 for our valentine Day’s dinner. Isn’t this value for money?



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