7mth sit, 8mth crawl, 9mth teething?

The above title is a saying in Hokkien.

To elaborate further, it is referring to the milestones for the babies.
In 7th mths, babies learn how to sit without support
In 8th mths, babies learn how to crawl.
And in 9th mths, babies start to teeth.

Oh well, but not every baby will go thru this milestones, some is faster some is slower.

Yvette can sit steadily without support at the beginning of her 6th mth. Yvette’s first (and second) teeth was out on the mid of her 7th mth. Her third (and fourth) teeth was out at end of Jan 09 (which is the mid of her 8th mth.)

But Yvette starts to learn how to crawl on her 8th mth. 😀 😀 😀 Hmmm she is a very “careful” baby. Whenever she wants to make the first step she is so caution. -.- This video was taken on 17th Jan. See how Yvette tried to crawl.

Yvette is crawling

Yvette is crawling

And she gave me a surprise 2 days ago.

Yvette trying to stand?

Yvette trying to stand?

Oh it is so amazing that I can witness the first moment of what my little loved one can do. And Yvette turns 9th mths old tomolo!


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