Caregiver training program

Have you ever called 5 different numbers and yet still couldn’t get what your request done?



Piangz… for my case is a YES!!!

My maid wanted to end her contact early and go back to Indonesia. I granted her request cos I don’t like the feeling that I am paying her money and I am at her mercy. L (Some maids, once they work long enough, they will start to be funny L L L ) And since she is going back, we need another maid to come in to take care of my disabled father.

But before the new maid can come in, we have to train the maid as taking care of a disabled person need to be trained correctly.

So I pick up the phone and start calling. (My current maid is training by the rehab centre in AMK.)

Dial 6453 8033 (Ang Mo Kio Community Hospital)

SF: Halo, did you all train maids to take care of disabled person at home

Receptionist at AMKH: Oh no, they are not here anymore?

SF: Oh what you meant?

Receptionist at AMKH: The rehab had moved. And here their number, 6488 1273.

SF: Thanks

Dial 6488 1273

Receptionist:  Rehab centre for disabled for children

SF: ……

SF: Oh here is rehab for disabled children. :S

SF: Then can you give me the phone number of rehab for disabled Elderly

Receptionist: 6450 6150

Dial 6450 6150 (Ang Mo Kio Senior Citizens’ Health Care Centre)

Receptionist: Halo

SF: Halo, do you all train maids to take care of disabled elderly

Receptionist: Oh no.. this is not the right number to call.

SF: huh!!! Then which number should I call?

Receptionist: Kindly call 6450 6211, the Outpatient Therapy Services


Dial 6450 6211 (The outpatient Therapy Services)

SF: Halo

Receptionist: Halo

SF: Do you all train maids to take care of disabled elderly at home?

Receptionist: Oh.. let me check with the therapist.

Therapist:  Hi, you looking for centre to train maids?

SF: Ya Previously my dad stayed here and my current maid was trained here as well.

Therapist: That was how long ago?

SF: 2 yrs plus ago

Therapist: Is he the inpatient here?

SF: Yes.

Therapist: But currently we don’t have the facilities to do such training. And I think your maid is trained by the inpatient department. You have to call the inpatient dept to check with them.

SF: Ok.. can I have their number?

Therapist: 6450 6203

Dial 6450 6203 (Inpatient Dept)

SF: Halo, my dad was admitted here for 2 months and my maid was trained here. I wonder do you all train maids to take care of elderly? My current maid who was trained here, is leaving and I am bring in a new maid. SO I wanted to let her train here. (I wanted to get all information across.)

Receptionist:  How long ago yr dad was here?

SF: 2 years plus ago.

Receptionist: You need to bring your dad here again to let the doctor access before the training can be done. You need to call this number to book for your appointment…..


This time I did not take down the number!

I merely want to find a association or a rehab centre to train maid to take care of my dad. BUT !@#$%^& after calling 5 different numbers and yet I still did not get what it needs to be done.

Ok fine. I do not want to depend on AMK rehab centre anymore.

I click on my internet explorer and start to find any other centre in sg providing training for maids to take care of disabled elderly.

At first I found a company in the website that stated they do provide such services but then after I called. The receptionist told me they no longer provide but they did not update the site. :S


I finally found what I really need.

Touch Caregiver Support

Yes, they do provide caregiver training and right in our house.

Caregivers training are conducted over 2 one-hour sessions.


Possible training areas may include:


Handling Skills & Personal Care

_Mobility and walking aid use


_Bed positioning and mobility

_Bed sponging / Showering

_Commode and wheelchair use


_Prevention of contracture

Health Care

_Feeding tube care

_Respiratory care

_Urine catheter care

_Wound care

_Diabetes management

_Prevention of pressure sore

The fee?

It is $130 per 2 hourly session (Total course 2 sessions are required.)

So it is S$130 x 2 = S$260

And what more???

We can apply grant for the training from National Council of Social Service (NCSS). NCSS offers a $200- grant for caregivers to undergo training provided by TOUCH Caregivers Support



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