Short Term Memory Syndrome

There goes my 60 cents Dou Gua (Beancurb!

Sorry ger ger today no dou gua for you cos yr mum paid and forgotten to get from the stall. L

Ever since I am pregnant, the short term memory syndrome kicked in. :S I always made payment and forgotten my stuffs. Usually at NTUC, still ok.  The cashier will shout for you to take your stuff. But in some stores, they will just leave it there and deal with another coming customer. If you forget… that it!!!

Told HB about it, sees below our conversation.

SF: I have short term memory syndrome.

SF: -.-

SF: I brought duo gua and forgotten to take

SF: :S

HB: ? u got put in the fridge

SF: no har

SF: I don’t even take from the stall

SF: :S! forgotten.

HB: !!! piangz

HB: !!! pay liao never take

HB: die liao lah

HB: child 1 only

SF: YA :S how ar, faint

HB: next time take 1st then pay

SF: ok

Haha.. seriously I doubt I can do it lor.. sure forget again -.-!!!



3 thoughts on “Short Term Memory Syndrome

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