Introducing Formula


I have been trying to introduce Yvette formula milk ever since she turned 6 mths old. And seriously this is never easy. Latching baby on to the breast and getting baby to accept sucking the milk from the bottle is already a challenging task to me.

Noob Yvette lost the ability to suck from bottle since I started to take care of her full time. She refused bottle when my hubby trying to feed her. She will cry fiercely till we gave up the idea of feeding her using bottle.  And this post a serious problem to me when I am trying to introduce her formula milk after breastfeeding her for 6mths.

Initially, I used back the Avent bottle which she was using when she was born. And I failed badly. She didn’t even allow me to put the teat into her mouth, let alone sucking. Then Stella and my SIL suggested me to change bottle. I changed her bottle to NUK. A slightly improvement was shown immediately. She allows the teat to put into her mouth but she still doesn’t know how to suck. L And since I am also at the same time introducing her solid, introducing water becomes necessary after 6 mths too.

I started to panic.

So instead of insisting Yvette drinking water from her NUK bottle, I brought Yvette a Pigeon water-bottle using straw. I gave Yvette Avent training cup as well.  Haha.. I am Kaisu! 


PRO Yvette. She likes this idea. And she picked up drinking from the water-bottle within 2 days. So at her 7 mths, she actually picks up a skill where most babies will pick up on their 9mths (according to the PD at TMC).

With this new skill Yvette had learnt, I decided to let Yvette try the NUK bottle again.

No sweat. Yvette is able to suck from the NUK bottle. Hehe

And since she is able to drink from the bottle again, I started to give her the very first formula, Friso. She doesn’t like. L  I introduced Friso because she is eating Frisocrem. Oh well but this did not make her like Friso.  Then I switched to Promil Gold. (I brought a package of 200g of Promil online from the Singapore motherhood forum.)This time, she actually likes it. She can finish 100ml of formula milk (although not every time). She still like breast milk the best.

Being a bit more certain that she really like Promil, I open a can of (free sample from Dumex) 400g Mamil Gold to let her try. (Reason of giving Mamil Gold because this formula is less sweet as compared with other formula on the shelves.)

After testing her for 3 days, (3 feeds,50ml each) I gave her the last 50ml of Promil last night. She finished them all. 😀

[[Tips: Being cost effective, I actually requested sample from formula milk company. (See below of all the samples I have requested.)


Mamil Gold – Dumex

Enfapro A+ – Mead Johnson

Similac – Abbott ]]

This confirmed that she like the taste of Promil and gave me a clear indication that I can start giving her this for long term.  Unless it is going to give me problem like loose stool, diarrhoea, constipation,  or any other problems after drinking this formula, I stick to Promil, then Progress (step 3) and then Promise (step 4).



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