My Grandma

My grandma had a fall on the 24th Jan; a day before the eve of CNY. Poor Grandma had to spend her CNY in the hospital. Quite a bad fall actually. She fractured her arm. And she is dementia and this fall has further worsened her condition.

Honestly, my relationship with my grandma is so so only. Not very close cos favouritism was adopted by my grandma during my childhood days where my grandma loves and adores my first aunt’s children over us.  When there is punishment, it was always on us rather my cousin. L

Oh well but those were history.

I visited my grandma at NUH with my sister in the late afternoon on the very day (we received the bad news in the morning). This time I left Yvette with hubby (don’t dare to bring her to hospital anymore.) I went out when Yvette was taking her afternoon nap. (So worry that she might wake up and looking for me -.-). But sadly, I was not able to visit her in the first day of CNY cos I was very busy. I stay with my FIL and a lot of relatives will come to visit him in the first day of CNY.

CNY was really hectic for me. Although I don’t need to do house visiting but a lot of work need to be done as so many relative will come. L Cooking, cleaning plus Yvette.. oh my.. no time. I really don’t time to do visiting.

My grandma discharged on the 30th Jan.

And today, we went to my grandma place.

Seriously, she can’t remember us. Despite telling her again and again, her memory has failed to recall. But she was happy to see us. She was happy to see Yvette too, her first  great grand daughter. We spend a couple of hours there playing blackjack with my Er gu.

It had been very long time I didn’t not gamble during CNY liao. The min/max bet was 20 cents. I think I lost a bit, less than a dollar. The winner is my sis… and the loser is… unfortunately is my hubby (I think :S)


While writing this, msn-ing with PPD, Looking at this pic taken in the afternoon… I have this on my mind…

如果有一天我不记得你,请你原谅我,因为我已经老了, 痴呆了。。。



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