Yvette’s First CNY

I believe all parents should have prepared all the necessary for this CNY (although we are having a recession now.)

This is the first CNY for Yvette, a meaningful one especially for both of us. Buying clothing for girl is always more easy than for boy. Too much choices. I shopped from retail outlets to online forum for her CNY clothing. My sister, her yiyi was excited too. (My sis love Yvette alot alot.)

Here the overall she had brought for Yvette, the romper was brought online by me.


These two sets are brought by my hubby on one of the shopping trip we went a few weeks ago.



And finally we have decided how much Ang Pao to give to our little darling after a few nights of discussion. 😀 (This sound like a big event.) I came out with an amount that tied to the number of days she had existed in this world. And my hubby agreed. It worked out to be $261. I told my hubby, I will bank in the rest and keep the dollar with her and will tell her in the future, this dollar of yours is the first Ang Pao money given by both of us. 🙂


One thought on “Yvette’s First CNY

  1. Nice clothes; I agree it’s much easier to look for clothes for girls than boys, especially CNY-themed ones. The boys’ CNY clothes that we saw were mostly dull coloured and the nice ones were oversized for our baby.
    That is a good idea about giving ang bao money to your child; we didn’t think of that. Perhaps we should do the same thing for Darius too. ^^

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