Pedicure with Yvette

All right you Chipmunks! Ready to sing your song?
I’ll say we are!
Let’s sing it now! (My current ring tone, Alvin & the Chipmunks Christmas Don’t Be Late)

SF: Halo

Gem Nail: SF got one vacancy for pedi you want to come?

SF: Yes, but can I carry my baby with me?

Gem Nail: You do pedi only.

SF: Yes!

Gem Nail: Then you come. Should be ok.

(Happy) I get changed, packed baby’s stuff and heads Gem Nail in the central.

It’s amazing. I couldn’t believe Yvette was so co-operative!

Upon reaching the shop, they helped me to move up to the seat while I carried Yvette. Then I took out her fav yogurt and fed her. She became sleepy after she finished her yogurt. Guess she is due for her afternoon nap. So I stood up and pat her to sleep. Without much effort, she was fell asleep. It was so amazing. Those ppl in the shop kept singing praises on how well behave Yvette was. Haha.. I was so surprised too.

Oh well, maybe it is the first time she was there. That why she was too curious to be misbehaved.

I told hubby I brought Yvette to do Pedi with me. Hubby was surprised as well and asking me would I bring Yvette again?

I replied mostly like not. I doubt she will behave herself again for the next trip.   

Nevertheless, Thanks darling for being so co-operative! Mama appreciated that! 😀



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