I have a wonderful day 3

There is another group of ppl that I will spend my birthday with; that is my second sis in law family. We headed to Edogawa Teppanyaki (Clarke Quay). It is located @ The Central @ Clarke Quay.

I will rate the food there too salty and lack of some variety for dessert. As compare to KuiShinBo, I prefer the food variety in KuiShinBo but the Ambience and Setting in Edogawa is better, less crowded and more spacious.

My sis-in-law paid for the dinner. THANKS!

My nieces and nephew brought me a CK sling bag. THANKS!


After dinner, we headed Clarke Quay for a walk.

Say me mountain tortoise, I really din know Clarke Quay has changed so much. It is even more happening than Boat Quay. But dunno why, I feel the new revamp Clarke Quay have the theme like Xin Tian Di in shanghai. (I miss Shanghai) Anyone agree with me?

And the last event for the evening is?

We actually went to Jumbo Seafood again for dessert.

Dunno what is in my sis-in-law head when we are ordering our dessert. She actually wanted to have Honeydew sago but ended up telling us she wanted a mango pudding. -.- Strange! When the desserts were being served, my hubby gave his order to her. As for me, I have ordered Honeydew sago because hubby finished his dessert (Honeydew sago) in less than 5 mins yesterday when I was away to wash my hand. But still, I din get my chance to have the bowl of sago on my own as they added a lot of coconut milk in it. So I swapped with my hubby and both of us ended up eating the same dessert as yesterday. :S



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