I had a wonderful day 2

My hubby was off today(his 9/80 off day). Initially We wanted to go Sentosa for celebration but he got class tonight so we decided to go for something that will interest me most.

So go where? 你猜,你猜,你猜猜猜!

Haha.. tat is to Jumbo Seafood for my fav food…. CRAB! Seriously… I really love crab and I eat crab till I can 吮手指! (Bloody hell no image -.-!) I had crab yesterday in Orchard Hotel but the crab was not nice… too salty. :S

Being a bit kiasu, we made a reservation at Riverwalk Jumbo for lunch although it is not really necessary. As outing with baby is not easy to stick with a planned timing, we are late as expected! As soon as we reached the restaurant, we made a quick order for our food. There is not much crowd in the restaurant; our food other than crab, is being served in less than 15 mins.

Here our orders:  


This is our CRAB!


And lastly our desserts!


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