I had a Wonderful day

JoJo took leave to spend a day with me. She is someone that I have known for 10 over years and our friendship still alive! 😀 She is just like a big sister to me.

Every year, both of us will buy gift for each other during our birthdays and also when we are out of town for holidays or for business trips, we will try to buy something back for each other as well.

So this year will be the same as well.

A few events had happened that made my day so wonderful:

1. We had our lunch at Orchard Hotel. I would say the buffet spread was very good. Although I hope I could eat alot… hope to have a bigger stomach capacity for the food. 🙂

2. Manage to get my new year clothing and my hubby new year clothing. (Although I will be 丑丑的过年,I do not have time to get my pedi and my hair done.. 😦 )

3. Save $14 bucks on my ger ger’s cereal 😀 (Guardian Pharmacy is having sales for Frisocrem, $5 bucks per tin. I brought 2 and using my hubby’s UOB smart point for payment.)


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