I have changed

Being a mum has basically changed some of my characters.

I am more patient.

Less aggressive.

Less Courageous?

I was in the market at the usual store to buy some vegetables. This store is run by a very old man who still willing to work despite he is very old. (Think he is 75 and above.) (His children will take over the store over the weekend so he can rest.) I would say he charge very reasonably. But because he is so old, he is slow and not able to look out ppl who try to steal his vegetables.

Today I saw an old malay woman pocketed the lemon grass into her shopping bag and go away. I am not able to stop her as I was with Yvette and I was at a distance away too.

However I told the uncle someone steals his stuff.

SF: Uncle, 你这么忙,有人偷你的菜,走了。。。

Uncle: 是马来人吗?


Uncle:(He smiled) S$1.60.

I gave him S$2 and asked him to keep the change. (Feeling bad that I didn’t manage to stop that thief. 😦 )


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