Lotus Root soup with Huai Shan

Hubby has started a specialist IT dipolma with NYP today. That make the dinner preparation easier. I only need to prepare 3 soups and 2 full meals during the weekday.

I love to make soup and love to drink soup. Making soup is one of the easiest dish to cook and the most nutrtious food to eat during meal. Since my hubby day will be longer as compare to the past, I guess he need to be pampered with good soup. 😀

Today i am going to cook the Lotus Root soup with Huai Shan. You can actually mix a lot of different ingredients beside Huai Shan with Lotus Root. Eg. like red bean, peanut, lotus seed, etc. All will taste different but for sure, it will be nice.


1. Lotus Root

2. Huai Shan

3. Pork rib

4. Big bone

5. Carrot

6. Red dates

7. Dried octopus


1. Bring the big bone to boil for half an hour.

2. Scald the pork rib and wash them throughly.

3. BBQ the octopus.

4. Dump all ingredients into the (boiled bone water) and boil for another 2 hrs.


P/S: I forgotten to take pic :s next round will post together with pics 😀


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