Bye Bye 2008 Halo 2009

My year din start well.. I am still having cough and sore throat. I dont have any resolution this year, but only wish I can go back to attend my (step) aerobics class as I miss my gang in Orchard Cali. (If not I will get fatter soon.)

Hope all my friends will have a good start in everything they do.

2008 is a fruitful year for me. The birth of my darling Yvette had given me alot of happiness.

Looking back at 2008, I think I have made alot of good decisions and I hope I will be continue to be wiser.

3 thoughts on “Bye Bye 2008 Halo 2009

  1. Hi Sunflower,
    Saw your comment on our guestbook! Nice to be hearing from you again after losing touch with you!
    Glad to see that you have good news yourself too! Congrats! ^^
    Will be checking out your blog often; stay in touch!

  2. hi Sunflower! can’t believe you have a new blog! you didn’t let me know of it after that old one close. 😦 I even kept clicking it somemore, maybe hoping for some miracles?
    I’m glad you still use my drawing…heee.and how did u manage to find me?
    And it’s sooo coincidental that our babies are born so close in months..,yours only 2 months earlier than mine. Wow! A long awaited bundle of joy eh? mine too.
    Will put your blog in my reads.

  3. Hi Vin & Cat,

    Nice to have both of you here. My pleasure! (And I got to know your blog by chance; saw yr vin comment in one of the parenting blog. hehe)

    Sorry I didnt update you about this blog as I hardly even blog.. 😀 But it is nice to have you in the blogsphere too 😀 (both of you :DDD)

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